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Eriez Magnetic, Vibratory and Metal Detection Solutions for Industry
Material Handling and Processing Equipment  Merrifield Company
Ask about our Eriez products:  PROGRADE Magnetic Separators EriexXpress Lifting Magnets Magnetic Separators X-Ray Inspection Systems Metal Detectors - Industrial Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors Vibratory Screeners Vibrators - Bin & Industrial Minerals & Materials Processing Equipment Resource Recovery Equipment PolyMag Process Inspections Systems Sampling Systems  
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Eriez, Magnetic, Vibratory & Metal Detection Solutions for Industry
Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry Analog and DSP Controls Packaging Systems Tablet and Capsule Pharmaceutical Metal Detector Transfer Conveyors to tranfer products to storage totes Separation Equipment Plates, Grates and Traps Grates in Housing Vibratory Equipment Standard and High Speed Vibratory Feeders Volumatic Feeder Machines Bin Vibrators Equipment for the Aggregate Industry Metalarm Metal Detectors Metal Detectors Suspended Magnetic and Permanent Magnetic Separators Magnetic Drums for Separation Magnetic Pulleys for Separation Vibration for Material Handling Feeders, Conveyors and Screeners High Capacity Conveyors Mechanical Feeders Bin Vibrators
Equipment for the Recycling Industry Eddy Current Separators to separate ferrous and non ferrous material Magnet Pulley Drum Separators Suspended Magnetic Separators Mechanical Feeders Vibratory Feeders Ferrous Traps in Liquid and Slurry lines Electrostatic Separators Mechanical Conveyors Metal Detectors Equipment for the Packaging Industry Metal Detection E-Z TEC DSP Digital Signal Processing Metal Detection Single Surface Metal Detection Vertical Reject System Conveyor and Conveyor Systems Separation Magnetic Plates, Grates and Traps Round Pipe Separators Grates in Housing Vibration for Material Handling Standard and High Speed Vibratory Feeders Heavy Duty Vibratory Feeders Bin Vibrators Mechanical and Electromagnetic Conveyors Horizontal Motion Conveyors Screen Separators Volumatic Feeder Machines
Ferrous Trap for Liquid and Slurry Lines Pro-Grade Magnetic Plate for metal separation Merrifield Solutions
Merrifield Company provides Material Handling  Equipment and Equipment for  Process Improvement.  Solutions from: Eastern Instruments Eriez Manufacturing Company Bindicator Cambelt Camcorp Domtec Kinergy ... and Excellent Customer Service Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia Offices in Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH,  and Elizabethtown KY in the Ohio Valley
... and more solutions for these industries: Food Processing Industry Glass Industry Plastics Industry Coal Processing Industry
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