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CentriFlow Meter Type I Configuration for horizontal feed systems CentriFlow Type II - Designed for vertical feed systems
The CentriFlow® from Eastern Instruments is a Solid-Particle Mass Flow Meter that is durable, accurate, maintenance-free, compact, and cost-effective. It is unique and positioned to replace weigh belts, impact meters, loss in weight meters, and static weigh scales, where accuracy, low maintenance, and zero drift is paramount. Accuracy is not affected by changes in product elasticity, density, or shape. The meter offers a typical accuracy of ±0.25% of full-scale reading at calibrated flow rate and is repeatable within ±0.10%. The CentriFlow® Meter has NO moving parts. Calibration and installation are simple to perform.
About CentriFlow
Why Choose CentriFlow?
Accurate Unlike existing technologies that calculate based on weight, speed, belt tension, or volume, the CentriFlowŽ Meter actually measures flowable solids in a process. This unique measurement ability allows the CentriFlowŽ Meter to have 0.25% accuracy full scale on virtually all flowable solids, significantly improving the industry standard. Flexible The CentriFlowŽ Meter is not affected by changes in product elasticity, density, shape or friction. Fluctuations in flow rate don’t impact it’s accuracy. The linearity of the zero friction formula gives the CentriFlowŽ Meter its ability to measure at various densities and turndown ratios while maintaining near perfect accuracy. Solid Construction/Low Maintenance Sturdy high-grade aluminum construction with stainless steel flow paths makes the CentriFlowŽ Meter a very low maintenance instrument. It rarely requires re-calibration because there are no moving parts. There are no belts or drives. Plus, the electronics are located outside the process stream and are not subject to vibration from the manufacturing process. Plant Efficient Configurations Designed to fit into just about any existing process with minimal changes, the CentriFlowŽ Meter is available in two configurations. The Type I Configuration is designed to attach to the end of an existing horizontal conveyor belt system. The Type II Configuration is designed for an in-line vertical application. Compared to alternative devices, the CentriFlowŽ is compact and extremely efficient in its space requirements and doesn’t require floor mounting. Turndown Ratio The CentriFlowŽ Meter has a minimum 20:1 turndown capability while maintaining accuracy. The meter’s unique design enables it to identify and cancel the friction component of the mass flow. The resulting signal is flow = mass rate, which is linear. The linearity allows the meter to work at 0.25% accuracy full scale. This means it is not affected by the wide variances typical to process flow. Continuous Measurement for Continuous Improvement The CentriFlowŽ Meter’s ability to provide accurate, real-time, continuous flow measurement allows you to optimize your process like never before. The ability to measure gives you the control to manage.
Type I Configuration The Type I Configuration is designed for horizontal feed systems and can be mounted to keep the product stream flowing in-line or to reverse the direction of flow. Typical Feed Systems include belt conveyors and vibratory conveyors. Type II Configuration The Type II Configuration is designed for vertical feed systems and can be mounted keeping the product stream vertically in- line. The configuration utilizes an enclosure, which includes a diverter plate that directs product towards the Measurement Pan and allows it to discharge below. An optional flange is available on the intake to mate to a transition or flexible connection. The enclosure also incorporates an access panel to view internal product flow and an integrated calibration chute door for the purpose of product collection to calibrate the meter. This configuration is ideal for processes that are highly pulsating due to the feed system and/or products that need to be contained or enclosed. Typical Feed Systems include screw conveyors, rotary valves, and slide gates.
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