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Domtec "Highest Quality Concrete Domes"   111 DOMTEC® International concrete domes have become the industrial storage structure of choice for many large capacity bulk storage applications. DOMTEC® domes store cement, clinker, fertilizer, coal, limestone, gypsum, fly ash and many other bulk materials. DOMTEC® International is clearly the dome industry's leader. They are known for superior designs and high quality construction of domes for both industrial and commercial applications. Projects have been completed on time and within budget around the world, including, North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. DOMTEC® International is dedicated to continue delivering the best concrete domes by employing experienced engineers and technicians and by continually improving construction methods and efficiencies.
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Material Handling and Processing Equipment  Merrifield Company Merrifield Solutions
Merrifield Company provides Material Handling  Equipment and Equipment for  Process Improvement.  Solutions from: Eastern Instruments Eriez Manufacturing Company Bindicator Cambelt Camcorp Domtec Kinergy ... and Excellent Customer Service Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia Offices in Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH,  and Elizabethtown KY in the Ohio Valley
Ask about Merrifield solutions for these industries Ceramics  Chemical Coal Processing Engineering  Food Industrial Machinery & Equipment Lifting & Rigging  Lumber Products Metalworking  Mining & Minerals Processing Packaging Pharmaceuticals Plastics & Rubber Plastics Separation Power Generation Primary Metals Pulp & Paper Recycling Stone, Clay, Glass  Textile
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