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Cambelt Conveyor Belt Systems
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Merrifield Solutions
Merrifield Company provides Material Handling  Equipment and Equipment for  Process Improvement.  Solutions from: Eastern Instruments Eriez Manufacturing Company Bindicator Cambelt Camcorp Domtec Kinergy ... and Excellent Customer Service Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia Offices in Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH,  and Elizabethtown KY in the Ohio Valley
CamSpan Enclosed Conveyors CamSpan Gallery is a totally enclosed troughing belt conveyor that is capable of attaining long, unsupported free-spans without the requirement of auxiliary trusses to achieve the spans. The CamSpan Gallery enclosure's standard span capability is 120 feet (36.6 meters) between supports. Longer spans may be possible, depending upon the specific application. Standard belt conveyor components are used on the CamSpan Gallery Conveyor. Cambelt Engineers adhere strictly to CEMA standards in the design and engineering of your belt conveyor system.
CamSpan II modular, trough belt conveyor Enclosed Housing CamSpan with spac capability of 120 feet or more CamSpan's walkway, support rocker shoe connection CamSpan engineered and fabricated to exact dimensional tolerances greatly reduce erection time and cost.
A modular, trough belt conveyor with free span capability of 80 feet or more.
CamWall/CamFlex Belt Conveyors With the completion of its rubber products manufacturing facility, Cambelt International is again demonstrating its leadership in the field of specialty belt conveyors. Cambelt, known for its totally unique and patented one-piece flexible sidewall belting, is continuing in its commitment to provide customers with products of superior quality. CamWall and CamFlex belting is produced with the base belt, the fabric, the sidewall, and the cleat or nubs molded and vulcanized together under high pressure. Cambelt guarantees that its rugged, one-piece, homogeneously cured product will not delaminate.
One-piece Fully molded CamFlex Belting - CamWall One-piece Fully molded CamFlex Belting - CamFlex Vertical Conveyors with CamWall conveyor belt 30% to 50% Cost Savings on CamFlex Belting
Cambelt, known for its totally unique and patented one-piece flexible sidewall belting
Automated Reclaim Systems PROVEN PERFORMANCE Cambelt International's automated reclaiming systems are in operation in concrete storage domes located in the United States and in many other countries throughout the world. This proven reclaiming technology allows the dome and its superior strength to be more fully utilized. Used for storing large quantities of bulk materials, this unique storage concept provides many advantages. AUTOMATED RECLAIMING The reclaiming system pulls the stored material to the center of the dome and discharges to the load-out conveying system through a 72" to 96 " diameter opening. Initially, the stored material will gravity discharge without the use of the screw, until it approaches its angle of repose. The reclaim screw is then lowered to the pile and the screw begins to cut into the pile, gently assisting the material to the discharge opening. Only during the final phase of reclaim of material from the dome does the 'open' screw perform all of the work of drawing the material to the discharge opening.             See Concrete Domes
Automated Reclaim System inside concrete dome Exterior view, Automated Reclaiming System on concrete dome Automated reclaiming system in operation in concrete storage dome
Automated Reclamation System inside dome
High Incline Belt Conveyors
Permanent Cambelt Enclosed Underloader Cambelt Permanent Vertical Incline Underloader Portable Railcar Underloader from Cambelt Cambelt Totally Enclosed Railcar Portable Underloader Permanent Railcar Underloader
Permanent Railcar Underloader
Totally enclosed Dust-tight enclosure 60° incline Conveys powders to granules Fits between top of rails and railcar hopper
Totally enclosed Dust-tight enclosure 30° to 75° Incline Angles Conveys powders to granules Minimal pit requirements Low Horsepower requirements
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